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Welcome to Save My Reading Life!

On this site you will find lots of tips, hints & strategies, stories, workshop materials, and even pictures of Hephaestus and Hyperion, my cats.

My goal with this site is to help you become the best reader you can be.

Site Map:

My Workshops
This page contains links to all my workshop blogs. You can view my PowerPoint slides and read my explanations of reading skills and strategies as well as tips to read for effectively in specific disciplines (such as math and social science).

Publicity Materials
For anyone who might want to post my flyers, or access to the faculty referral form, all these things are found on this page. I update them a couple of weeks before each event with the most recent version. If you have requests please ask!

Tips, Hints, & Strategies
This page offers ways to connect with the texts you must read including how to annotate, note taking tips, research I’ve done on reading, and other miscellaneous materials about reading and writing that I find interesting enough to share.

Stories & Reflections
This page will connect you with my story blogs. I’ll share my experiences as a reader and a learner, and those of some of my current and former students. These blogs are more personal reflections on reading, learning, and my experiences as both a learner and an aspiring teacher.

Writing Help
This page is for writing help, mostly relating to formatting help, using Microsoft Word formatting (for both MLA and APA), and links to websites that I find particularly helpful. I will add to this page and will consider, eventually, adding more blog posts with writing-specific help.

About Me
What to know who I am, why I do what I do, or maybe what my qualifications are? This is the place to look. I may even add adorable pictures of my kitty cats, Hephaestus & Hyperion. (Hint: I totally will.)

Citing this blog: if you decide to use any of these materials, all I ask is that you give me credit. Unless otherwise noted, all materials on this site are my own work. I have tried hard to cite all my sources and materials but if you reach out to me I will be happy to provide any other sources I have used if you would like to read or view them for yourself.

Happy Reading!

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