About Me

This is me! Enjoying sunshine as I sometimes do.
This is my kitty, Hephaestus, reminding me to take a break from studying.

Hi! My name is Jolene. While I have a lot of passions, reading is something I’ve been dedicated to for all of my life. My interest is adult readers who may have given up hope of ever being a good reader; I’m here to tell you that you can be a good reader!

This site is to help anyone who feels that reading is “too hard,” or who have been told that they’re “not a good reader,” or those who think reading is “a waste of time.” My goal is to give those readers some tips, skills, and strategies that can help in those tough reading times. Ultimately, I want to Save Your Reading Life.

For those who are curious what my background is: I have two A.A. degrees in social science and liberal arts from American River College in Sacramento, CA. I have an A.B. in literature with a minor in philosophy from the University of California, Davis. I’m currently working on a M.S. in Education with a specialty in Reading, with both a credential in K-12 reading and a certification in adult reading at California State University, Fullerton. I have worked in reading centers exclusively since 2006 in both Sacramento and Woodland, CA. I established and have grown a now-thriving reading center at Woodland Community College, in Woodland, CA called the Academic Reading Center (I fondly refer to it as the ARC). Reading is what I love; it’s what I know; it’s what I do. And I know you can do it, too.

Let me help you to be the best reader you can be.

Let me Save Your Reading Life!

Hephaestus likes to look down on you from above.
Our newest addition to the family: Hyperion. He's a big goof ball.
Our newest addition to the family: Hyperion. He’s a big goof ball.
One of my favorite pictures of Hephaestus.
The boys cuddling in the sun.
The boys cuddling in the sun.
Hyperion loves being in the window in the sunshine.
Hyperion loves being in the window in the sunshine.
This “selfie” image was published in a book.Hephaestus Torres: cat model!

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