Tips, Hints, & Strategies

These are links to other blogs I write that are not my workshops.

The Myth of the Perfect Condition Used Book or Why You Should Write In Your Books – In this blog I discuss the two reasons I most often hear for why students will not write in their books. On the fence about writing in your book? Definitely give this a read!

My beef with “flashcards.” – If making flashcards is not your thing and you simply cannot understand why anyone would waste their time with them, definitely take a minute to read this. Not all “flashcards” are created equal!

Two Kinds of Math Errors. – This post goes over two common math errors: Simple Math Errors and Concept Errors. It also gives tips on what you can learn from those errors, and how you can over come them.

Reviewing is Not Rereading! (And Rereading is Not Reviewing.) – In this post I attempt to dispel the myth that rereading and reviewing are the same.  I will explain the difference between reviewing and rereading, when, why, & how to use each one!

Steps to Effective Note Taking.  – Have you ever found yourself sitting in class wondering what on earth people are writing down? Or, have you found yourself frantically writing in your note book, but find later that your notes are worthless? If either of these describe you, definitely take a minute to check out this simple step-by-step guide.


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