My Workshops

On this page you’ll find links to my workshops. I design my workshops myself, using current research, and finding ways to help college students connect with their textbooks in ways that facilitate critical thinking, critical reading, and metacognition.

My goal with each workshop is to give students at least one thing they can do that same night to make reading or studying go a little easier and be a little more efficient.

Here are the workshops:

Better Reading Strategies  – Learn the most effective reading strategies to use in your books, to make the most of the time you spend with your texts and improve your reading memory.

Lecture Note Taking – This workshop covers the lecture note taking process and explains different strategies for note taking. It also talks about the importance of listening and ways to improve your listening skills while in lecture.

[COMING SOON] Reading eTexts – Tablets, laptops, and smartphones are excellent resources for students, and electronic texts are often cheaper. Reading them, however, can prove challenging. Read this to find ways to interact and engage with your etexts to improve comprehension and memory.

Reading Math – If you’re not reading your math textbook, then you’re not learning it! In this workshop we’ll discuss features that your math text has that are useful to every student, as well as ways to effectively read your math text to enhance your in-class learning.

[COMING SOON] Reading Science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics: all these courses have intense, detailed readings that can give students anxiety. In this workshop we’ll discuss ways to read science texts that help you understand and remember what you read.

Reading Social Science  – Psychology and Sociology can have books that seem impossible to understand—and research papers and abstracts are even more confusing! This workshop covers tips and tricks to help you pick apart that dense reading. (Other disciplines that might find this workshop helpful include Anthropology, Philosophy, History, Economics, and Ethnic Studies.)

Test Preparation – Your exams are fast approaching and you find yourself wondering “What do I do now? How should I prepare? Where do I start?” If this describes you, then definitely take a minute to go over this information.

Vocabulary Improvement – If improving your academic vocabulary is your goal, then this is the workshop for you. I cover what vocabulary resources are available, how to use them, and when to use them, and give tips on how to make effective flash cards.


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